I’m having trouble putting into words how I’m feeling about SBN Marketing turning 12! The two big things swirling through my head are

  1. It seems quite auspicious that we turn 12 on 12/12.
  2. The modern gift for a 12th anniversary is pearls, which also happen to be my birthstone.

Somehow those two things feel like the final signs that the stars are aligning exactly as they should. It took a lot to put my big girl pants on at the end of July and walk away from the full-time project I was on. I feel like I’m still coming back into my own, having only been full-time under my shingle again for a bit over 4 months. And the support I’ve gotten since my full-on relaunch has been AMAZING…and overwhelming!

Words cannot express how grateful I am that I was able to step back out on my own full time. (I keep saying “full time” because I never abandoned my business. I just scaled way back.) Words cannot express how much love I have for those who have supported me through the years, whether it’s been through a referral, signing on as a client, or even just an encouraging word. Words cannot express how full my heart feels or how excited I am for the next year.

So let’s do this! Bring on lucky year #13!!! (And please let it be that I didn’t just jinx myself in saying that!!!!!)