post by Stephanie Nelson

On December 12, 2011, SBN Marketing officially launched. Between our anniversary and the holidays, I get particularly reflective this time of year, thinking about where we started and where I want us to go. Here are a few thoughts from this year.

Growing a business isn’t easy.
2018 has been the best year for SBN Marketing. But it’s taken a lot of hard work. I’ve always loved a good to-do list, but this year I’ve had to expand that into breaking down each project into its own to do list just to keep on top of things. Note taking has gone to a whole new level. Follow up became a project of its own. None of what’s happened this year came easy.

Your reputation is everything.
A lot of work this year came from partnering with other agencies. Most of those agencies offer services that we also offer; we were merely filling a gap in a service they wanted to offer. Technically, on some level, these agencies are SBN Marketing’s competitors. Yet I’ve been told by multiple people that it was my reputation for being honest and transparent that made these agency owners comfortable with bringing us into their fold over other folks that could have done the same. Do not underestimate what the world says about you.

Having an amazing roster of clients is one of the best things on the planet.
I’ve touched on it before, but having clients you love can make or break a business…or a business owner. When you can joke and be yourself but still be taken seriously when it comes to your job, you know your clients are a good fit. I love my clients like my family. I only want the best for them and to do the best by them. They’ve proven time and again they’ve got my back, too.

Your tribe will be what saves you on your worst days.
No words can express how grateful I am to those agency owners who brought me business. When in doubt about whether to take on a client or how to deal with an issue, the fellow entrepreneurs I’ve surrounded myself with always provide an ear and helpful advice, which is always appreciated. Between my wife and my neighbors, my sanity is saved by much-needed distractions and fun.

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