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Confession time. My name is Stephanie, and I’m a reality TV junkie. I mainly stick to Bravo‘s lineup, but I’ve been known to do a good binge of Laguna Beach or The Hills. So when E! announced the first season of Very Cavallari, I immediately set my DVR. (I know you’re already wondering where this post is going, but just bear with me for a minute.)

The first season of Very Cavallari followed Kristin Cavallari (of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame) in her life and opening her boutique, Uncommon James. Throughout the season, Kristin was plagued with problems with her social media manager not performing up to par. In the season finale, a major issue happened. It’s opening day, and newsletter links don’t work. I know – it’s not brain surgery, but it’s a pretty huge honking deal on a much-hyped launch day. Anyway…

After the drama has died down, Kristin has a conversation with her husband, former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, about whether or not she should find someone new for the job. Here’s what went down:

JC: You mean like running Instagram? Like putting up some pictures? I’ve got an iPhone.

KC: Instagram is a full-time job. It is.

JC: You need to stop. You need to stop.

KC: If it wasn’t for Instagram, I wouldn’t have a [bleeping] company. Literally. So if you wanna sit here and say it’s not a job, you can get out of my house.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners see social media like Mr Cutler. “I have a phone. I have a computer. I can do this.” What they don’t take into consideration is the data that goes behind the strategy of it all. What do your Facebook insights show as the time your audience is online? What are the top locations of your Instagram followers? Are your demographics the same across all outlets, or do you need different messaging for each outlet to speak the right language for each outlet’s audience?

It’s more than just pictures and words. It’s more than just putting up a post “when you have time.” There’s a right and a wrong way to “do” social media based on data and algorithms. If you don’t have that information, you may as well be kicking back and eating bon bons rather than using your time on social media.

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