business adventurepost by Stephanie Nelson

Lately, I’ve had a lot going on – at home, at work…pretty much in every facet of my life. When I’ve talked to a few people about the different things coming up, they’ve all come back with the same word – adventure. What a great adventure I’m on. Isn’t is exciting to be on this adventure. So I’ve been thinking a lot about that word of late.

Different websites give a couple different definitions of the word adventure.  One definition is that an adventure involves danger or risk in a personal, financial or psychological sense.   The second defines an adventure as an exciting or remarkable experience.

Every day in a small local business working with other small local businesses is an adventure in the second definition of the word. Every day you’re doing something new, which is exciting in and of itself.  Building and maintaining the company’s brand, doing the best and the right things for your clients, working to bring on new clients – all create a whirlwind of activity.  The excitement that comes with growing your own business is invigorating.  And when you try new things and help your clients reach a new level of success or hit a goal, words just can’t describe it!

So this post goes out to my clients. Thank you for being on my business adventure with me. And thank you for letting me be part of your business adventure with you! I’m excited to see what’s next for all of us and what we can accomplish together!