ID-10091687post by Stephanie Nelson

December is a special month for SBN Marketing.  Not only do we have the holidays, December is the month that SBN Marketing got its start.  So it just seems fitting, a few days after celebrating our 2-year anniversary and a week or so before the holidays hit us, to use a blog post to say thank you.

Thank you to…

  • Our Clients
    It pretty much goes without saying that without our clients, there would be no SBN Marketing.  While paying the bills is nice, this business isn’t about the money.  I genuinely care about each of our clients, working hard for them and doing right by them.
  • My Network
    It has come to my attention over the last couple years that I know some INCREDIBLE people!  These folks send leads my way, help me talk through business issues, connect me with service providers that make this business run smoothly.  Without them, I’d hate to see what kind of hot mess I’d be!
  • My Family and Friends
    The support SBN Marketing has gotten from my family and friends has carried me through the rough times.  From my mom trying to drum up business for me even though she’s never been on a social media site in her life to friends offering a glass of wine and an ear when things have gotten shaky, these gestures haven’t gone unnoticed…or unappreciated.
  • Our “Competition”
    I know what you’re thinking: “She put ‘competition’ in quotes!  She must think she doesn’t have competition!”  Quite on the contrary!  I know I have competition.  I know there are other people folks looking for the same business we’re going after.  However, I know a lot of these folks personally, at least in the Charlotte market.  I consider them my friends.  I turn to them with questions and invite them to do the same of me.  These people make me work to be good at what I do, strive to be better tomorrow than I am today, but they also help me with the resources to do so.

So to all of you out there that have helped SBN Marketing – and me – THANK YOU!!!  You are appreciated.  And here’s to a FANTASTIC 2014 for all of us!