email signature for social media maven stephanie nelson seopost by Stephanie Nelson

In the 5+ years I’ve been in business for myself, one of the most often asked questions I get is “how can I grow my following on [X outlet(s)]? And one of the first things I do in my audit to answer that question is look at how that company is letting folks know where to find them online. I’ve found, time and time again, an e-mail signature is an overlooked method of getting the word out there.

When you look at your e-mail signature, what’s there? Your name, I’m sure. Probably your phone number. Possibly a fax number. Maybe your e-mail address. Website. But what about your social media links?

Think about how many e-mails you send a day. How many people would have the opportunity to see where all to find you online? And if your company has employees, and each employee used his/her signature to promote your company social outlets, how many more eyes exponentially could you get on your outlets?!?! The best part (to me)

The best part (to me) is that this method is completely passive. You’re not asking someone to like this page or that profile. You’re not paying for ads that push people to your page. You’re not even using anything different than you already do!

If this is a method you want to try, the method of going about it depends on who you use as your e-mail provider. But a quick search for “add social media links to e-mail signature” brings up tons of instructions. Add your e-mail provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc) to that search, and you’ll make it even easier to find what you need!