img_0365post by Stephanie Nelson

As you may remember, just before the beginning of 2016, I relaunched the SBN Marketing blog with a plan to post once per week. Wednesdays have typically been my go-to day for publishing; every once in a while, it slips to Thursday.

Most weeks, even when I’ve got 8 gajillion other things going on and the world is whirling around me, I can find some bit of news or some anecdote to post about. But today is different.

Yesterday, in my home city of Charlotte, a man of color was shot and killed by a police officer. This story seems to have played out so many times and in so many places, it almost no longer feels like news anymore. But this time, it wasn’t halfway across the country. It wasn’t a few states north of me or south of me. It was a few miles from my house and my business.

So today, I don’t have any tips or tricks on how to be your best self on social media. I don’t have any stories – funny or otherwise – on things I’ve learned since striking out on my own. All I have is a heart that’s breaking for my city and this story that keeps unfolding in more and more cities and a plea for us all to be good to each other, today (which incidentally – or ironically, as the case may be – is International Peace Day) and every day.