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The Power of a CTA

You may have noticed that at the end of every blog post and the bottom of the pages of this website, there’s a button inviting visitors to get in touch with SBN Marketing. The intent behind this placement, this usage, is very intentional. It’s to let visitors know what’s the […]

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SEO: Webpages vs Websites | SEO Solutions for Small Businesses | SBN Marketing

SEO: Webpages vs Websites

Last week, as I was doing my daily/weekly reading to keep up with industry news and best practices, I came across a post from Search Engine Journal called “Google Ranks Webpages, Not Websites”. The article gets pretty specific, even saying: “Google treats every webpage that its robots crawl and index […]

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Understanding the “Hats” of SEO

post by Stephanie Nelson If you’re around folks who do SEO, you might hear them chatting about “hats” – particularly white hat, gray hat, and black hat. But what does this mean? The “hats” are industry jargon describing the tactics for approaching SEO and its implementation. The short and sweet description […]

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Tricks for Choosing an SEO Pro | SEO Tips | SEO & Social Media Management | SBN Marketing | Stephanie Nelson

Tricks for Choosing an SEO Pro

Piggybacking off last week’s post on how to determine if/when you need an SEO pro, this week we’re offering you some tricks for choosing an SEO pro. First, if they’re offering results-based guarantees (like first page of Google), run. Legitimate SEO pros know and explain that they can perform their […]

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