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I’ll keep this short this week.

This weekend is Labor Day weekend. Labor Day is a holiday meant to remember those who fought, suffered, and died for our rights as workers – including the 40-hour work week, the weekend, Social Security, and health care. As an entrepreneur, I find that some of these things are taken for granted by a lot of folks in the workforce. Lots of entrepreneurs don’t get those things.

That being said, maybe it’s time to expand the definition of those that are celebrated on Labor Day. Maybe it should include the growing number of entrepreneurs that create jobs every day. Maybe it should include those that work longer hours at lower rates so they can support small businesses and mom-and-pop shops with smaller budgets.

So if you are part of the number of people working for workers’ rights, I applaud you. If you are among those that are employees at a company, you rock! If you are an entrepreneur working to create jobs and/or a brighter work future for yourself, good for you! I celebrate all of us this Labor Day!