changes in seo and social media stephanie boyette nelson sbn marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

In all of my years on this earth, I’ve been told multiple times that the only things you can be sure of in life are death, change and taxes.  For all of you that work for a small business, I’m sure you’ve noticed, as I have, that change can seem to be the predominant one of those many days.

Many of us are not a big fan of change.  Our day-to-day routines are comfortable; change means we have to step out of that comfort zone.  What we fail to see is that change often also means an opportunity for growth, for doing things we’ve never gotten to do.

When you work in SEO and social media, if you get too frustrated by change, you need to find a new job. Google is consistently updating its SEO ranking factors, and what you’ve done for the last week or month or year could become obsolete and need to be redone. Facebook routinely changes its algorithm, so the types of posts that have worked for your business for as long as you can remember can suddenly get you nowhere. And then there’s the ever-evolving list of outlets that need to be evaluated for their value to your business’ marketing efforts. I mean, who amongst us doesn’t remember when Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat didn’t even exist?!?!?

But these changes, as frustrating as they can be, aren’t all bad. They lead to a better user experience with that outlet, in general. They open new ways to market your business (or your client’s business, if you’re like me) that may work 10 times better than existing outlets. You just never know what change’ll bring!

So you tell us…  Are you excited or frustrated by change in general? Do you see possibility or problems?