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I recently received an email from Rothy’s, one of my favorite shoe brands on the planet. The email opened with:

First things first: What does circularity mean? At Rothy’s, circularity is our continuous quest for better. That means we look at the entire lifecycle of the product, from eliminating waste through innovative design and materials, to considering how it can be recycled at the end of its live. We’re committed to filling every gap on our journey toward a zero-waste future — and we won’t stop until we’ve come full circle.

What jumped out at me immediately was the line “circularity is our continuous quest for better.” This is something we live and die by at SBN Marketing, too, though we’ve never had a name for it. We are constantly reading and looking and testing things to see how we can make our efforts better – for us and for our clients. We’re checking out what competitors of our clients are doing. We’re eliminating outlets that aren’t generating engagement and/or income for our clients from our scopes of work to make room for testing others where their audience participates. We always want to be doing better, to be doing our best for our clients.

The next line that hit me was “we look at the entire lifecycle of the product”. This made me think about two other things that are important to us at SBN Marketing:

  1. Doing our best to work with our clients’ other marketing initiatives to ensure ALL marketing messages match – online and offline. (We’ve posted about this very thing in the past.)
  2. Repurposing content as part of a bigger marketing strategy. (Another topic we’ve posted about before.)

To accomplish both of these items, we have to look at the lifecycle of all of our marketing collateral. Can we do a blog post or email blast that reinforces messaging from a print ad? Can we design a set of social media graphics that emulate the look of the print ad so that if/when someone sees both, it’s immediately recognizable as part of the same campaign? What branding elements can or should be present in everything with that specific marketing message? It’s not always just about having a special or promotion that expires on a given date; sometimes it’s what you are doing to keep your name out there even when you don’t have a promotion running.

When looking at your marketing efforts, how are you incorporating circularity? If you need some help, use the button below to give us a shout, and let’s see if we’re a good fit for your efforts!

Image by DWilliam from Pixabay