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PicMonkey’s blank Facebook image templates for social media image creation.

post by Stephanie Nelson

I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter – both in the social media industry and from small business owners – about graphics for posts and where they come from.

In a past life, long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I created any graphic I was going to use in Illustrator or QuarkXpress. Since I’ve been out on my own, I’ve realized my cheapskate ways and leaned on free options. I’ve tried Pixlr, Canva, and PicMonkey for graphic creation. PicMonkey has my heart right now, so much so that I upgraded to receive the paid features like extra fonts, overlays, templates, and access to “the hub” that lets you save graphics you’re working on to complete or edit later!

When it comes to stock photos, I’m still a cheapskate, though I do look for quality images. My two favorite sites are and Pixabay. (Thanks to Michelle Jones of MJ Creative for turning me on to Pixabay!!!) FreeDigitalPhotos requires attribution if you want to use the image for free or you can pay for the image; Pixabay requires nothing, but you can be nice and give a donation to the site.

What are some of your favorite sources for images and/or what do you use to create your graphics for your blog posts, email blasts, social media posts, or website? If you find yourself in need of some SEO or social media help, give us a shout. We’ll get your graphics on point when they’re needed!

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