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Figuring out what you should write about for your blog can be daunting sometimes. The more often you publish content, the more opportunities your site has to be indexed by the search engines. But that also means that the more often you publish content, the more often you have to find topics that your audience wants to read about. Here are a few of our tips for using your website data to find blog topics.

Note: All of these suggestions are based on data found in your Google Search Console. Make sure that is set up for your site first.

  • Look at what’s not on your list of queries.
    When you log in to your Google Search Console, click on Open Report beside Performance. This will bring up a list of terms people are searching for which your site is showing in the search results. Take a look at them. Are there terms for which you want to show that aren’t there? Make sure there’s content on your site built around those terms.
  • Look at what IS in the list of queries.
    Are there terms there that you’re broad matching to but you don’t specifically have content on your site for? If the answer is yes and you want to do a better job of ranking and/or getting clicks for those terms, build content around them.
  • Look at what’s getting impressions but no clicks.
    These queries could be included in the tip above – ones that you don’t specifically have content for. But they could also be queries that you DO have content for, but your title tag and/or meta description aren’t hitting home with searchers. So while these may or may not lead to new blog topics, they can give hints on updates you can make to current content.

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