April is Stress Awareness Month. And as a solopreneur in the social media space, I can tell you a bit about stress! ha ha ha So for the first blog post this month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to deal with stress.
  • Hanging out with friends.
    Whether it’s sharing a glass of wine on my screened-in porch, grabbing a bite at one of our favorite spots, or taking a walk around the neighborhood, chatting and laughing with my peeps always makes me feel better.
  • Binge watching my favorite TV shows.
    Confession time: I know every episode of Big Bang Theory and the Real Housewives of pretty much any city by heart. But being able to mindlessly blank out and not have to concentrate on plot lines relaxes me.
  • Working out.
    A good sweat sesh isn’t necessarily relaxing to me, in and of itself. But it does wear me out enough to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Delegating vs Doing it myself.
    This one is a hard one for me. I readily admit I am a perfectionist control freak. So sometimes it really is less stressful for me to just do something myself. If a task isn’t terribly important to me, though, it does help to delegate it to someone else.
How do you deal with stress? If you need your on-page SEO or social media taken off your plate, give us a shout!
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