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It would seem, based on how often we’re asked by clients and friends, the biggest questions in social media are: “What should I post?” and “How often should I post?”

This may seem like a cheesy, cop-out answer, but the best answer is, “Post what matters to you and your audience when they’re going to be online to read it.”

When you’re passionate about a subject, it shows in your communication.  This is true whether you’re face-to-face or online. When you’re looking to build your audience, the best thing you can do is to post honestly about things that matter to you. This can be easier said than done when you’re dealing with a business blog instead of your personal one.  But even with the worst job, there’s something that’s keeping you interested in being there, so try to focus on those things, or get help from your peers.

In answering how often to post… Again, you should be sharing information that is relevant and interesting to you and your brand, personal or business, whenever that comes up. Your audience will grow from there. While it’s best to be active on an outlet you’ve chosen to use, sharing solely for the sake of putting something out there doesn’t do anyone any good. The caveat here is that some sort of consistency is important, even if that turns into one post per month or so.