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The short answer is: YES!

A blog offers tremendous benefits on a variety of fronts, especially in SEO and social media. Among those benefits are:

  • Increased credibility as an industry expert.
    The more you can say about a subject, the more your site’s visitors will see you know about the subject. If you know a lot – or show you know a lot – the more chance you have of turning those site visitors into leads and then customers, particularly if you’re showing you can solve your potential clients’ problems.
  • Fresh, keyword-rich content provided on a regular basis to please the search engines.
    As I’ve posted in multiple places multiple times, new, unique content is a huge thing for the search engines on the SEO front. Regular blog posts give this to them.
  • More entry points for the search engines into the site.
    Your homepage is kind of like the front door to your site – it may be where most people come in, but it’s not the only way in. The more pages you have (and blog posts count as pages), the more opportunities there are for the search engines to show your site on the SERPs (search engine results pages) for more search terms. So it’s like adding doors and windows to your home – more ways to get in!
  • On-going fodder for social media posts.
    We’ve all had those days when we stare at Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and think, “What the heck can I post today????” Regular blog posts can help answer that question at least sometimes because you’ll definitely want to share the links to your posts!

If you need help with your blog – whether it’s in setting a strategy or in full management and ghost-writing – let us know! We’re glad to help!

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