content marketing speaks to client pain points | SEO and Social Media Maven Stephanie Nelsonpost by Stephanie Nelson

Do you solve your market’s problems? If your business is anywhere near successful, then the answer is yes. But do your potential customers KNOW you solve their problems?

When it comes to your content marketing – and ultimately to making sales – a lot of times, the answer lies in how you present your solution to your potential clients’ pain points. Put simply: What do you put out there that lets people know you can solve their problems?

You have a variety of outlets to use to get this information out there. Here’s just a few:

  • Your blog.
    You can write about how you understand the pain points of your target market without giving away the farm on how you’d actually do it. Dangle enough carrots that people think, “Dang! This person knows what they’re talking about. I need to do business with them!”
  • Email.
    Build your email list the right way, then use your blog posts as email blasts to current and potential clients. Break the blasts and lists apart as necessary.
  • Facebook.
    Get to know pain points by asking questions. Answer the questions on your blog, then post the link on Facebook.
  • Instagram.
    Does your product or service offer clear before and after images? Take pics and post ’em! Actually SHOW pain points being fixed.
  • LinkedIn.
    Use your personal profile and your company page in the same way you use your Facebook page. Just make sure your messaging is massaged, if necessary, to fit this audience.

If your content marketing needs some finessing to hit on your dream clients’ pain points, give us a shout! We’re happy to help you out!

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