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Back in January, we let you know that Apple’s iOS14 update would require all apps to explicitly ask for users’ permission to gather data and track them across mobile apps and websites. Then in April, we posted that those changes were now live. In each of those posts, we also touched on how these changes could impact marketers since data tracking that allows for effective ad targeting and retargeting for online ads would no longer be guaranteed. Facebook has now made some changes to its attribution models to help account for lost insights, and help advertisers make appropriate decisions moving forward. Among the changes:

  • Facebook will now allow advertisers to update their focus event for a campaign without having to manually pause and restart the campaign with every change, making it easier to keep campaigns going, and allowing more flexibility to change focus based on performance data.
  • Additionally, Facebook is adding estimated conversions to its 7-day click attribution window; this will help advertisers account for data lost due to the app tracking transparency update. This will provide a more accurate view of performance based on modeled estimates since Facebook is no longer able to track conversions.
  • Last but not least, Facebook is expanding the event options in the campaign set-up for marketers looking to target Android users, thus providing them more flexibility to maximize performance and more capacity to optimize their campaigns based on performance.

While modeled data and estimated performance info will never match up to actual performance data, the folks at Facebook are doing their best to help their advertisers while working within the parameters of Apple’s new constraints.

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