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Each year, the folks at Facebook host the F8 conference to offer news on updates and initiatives within the company. Here are a few highlights that came out of the F8 2019 conference.

The App and Site are Getting a New Look
Facebook had previously announced that they were looking at moving from being a more public arena to a more private one. Aside from removing a lot of the blue areas associated with the company until now, the new design has a more tab-like look, which will make it easier to navigate from public spaces (like News Feed) to more private ones (like Groups). More Group content will also be featured in the News Feed in order to promote a more private experience.

Events Tab
Facebook is also adding an Events tab which will show users more of what’s happening around them. This will include local business listings (yet another reason to make sure all of your business information is updated), recommendations better narrowed down for the user, and new tools to help users organize outings with friends.

New Data and New Ways to Access Facebook Analytics
One new analytics piece is Journeys from Facebook Analytics. With this, you can see data and reporting from all channels, thus giving you a comprehensive view of the various interactions people have with your business before converting, making a purchase, or subscribing. Journeys anonymously compiles the information, giving you the knowledge you need to understand the impact of each channel people use and in turn identify behavioral patterns that lead to conversions.

Facebook has also released a new app that allows you to access your Insights on the go. This is amazing for those of us that need to manage Facebook pages but not be tied to a desk 24/7! With the app, you can create your own personalized overview tab check the metrics you care most about, create dashboards with the reports you saved on the desktop version of the site, peruse automated insights for your business, and get notifications about significant changes in your data. You can download the Facebook Analytics mobile app in the App Store or on Google Play now.

Auto-Detected Funnels
To help you to identify areas of resistance in your marketing and product experience, and to help you make decisions on where opportunities lie for conversions faster, Facebook can now auto-detect funnels and leverage machine-learning algorithms better. You can also create funnels tailored to your business in Facebook Analytics and the system will return data around which segments have a higher or lower likelihood to convert for you.

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