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The pandemic and quarantine have given me a new outlook on my fitness efforts, along with the time to actually focus on those efforts. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the last year and a half or so.

Break it up.
Whether in an app, on my watch, or on my calendar, I have reminders set to stand for at least one minute each hour, for short stretch/workout breaks during the day, fitness/wellness webinars, and more. Without them, I’d probably just sit here and power through. But I’m actually probably getting more done by taking these 1-10 minute breaks periodically.

You don’t have to break the bank to be healthy.
Overall, I’ve spent very little to keep up a healthy lifestyle. It’s not that I don’t value trainers and instructors or the work they do. 100% not the case! But…I’m frugal, even in the good times. Add in my anxiety over money and income during a period when small businesses (like my clients) are going under left and right due to circumstances out of their control, and every penny leaving that bank account HAS to have a good – no, AMAZING – reason behind it. For me…let me say that again…FOR ME…I’ve found that free and cheap resources like YouTube videos, phone and watch apps, resistance bands from Amazon, housewalking, and such do the job, and I’m much more likely to stick with them than if I have to stop what I’m doing and go somewhere else (like a gym) to workout. Food-wise, I’m cooking more at home, which saves money even if you invest in higher-priced ingredients. I’m using Pinterest like a fiend to find lower-calorie recipes for foods I love to eat. And I’m using my desire to stay home and avoid crowds (and the virus) to grow some veggies and herbs at home, so I’m not spending on those ingredients, either.

For a while, I was the worst about overestimating the calories I burnt during a workout then consuming those calories during my next meal. Using the Apple Watch to calculate my calories burnt and using My Fitness Pal to track my calories eaten has given me a new perspective. Even though the Apple Health app allows me to track my water there, I’ve found that the way the Fitbit app does it is more appealing to me, so I still use that. I also invested in a Wyze scale, which connects to an app that tracks my weight and body fat. I also joined Achievement, connected my apps, started earning money for the stuff I was already doing and tracking! (Use this link to sign up today and you can start getting paid for your efforts, too: These may not be the right apps for you, but there are TONS of options, and I’m sure you can find the right combo for you.

Auto-sync the stuff you’re tracking as much as possible.
As you may have noticed in the previous two points, I use A LOT of different apps and tools to make things happen. But I have all of the tools auto-sync into their respective apps, and I have all of the apps auto-sync into each other. So if I’m up for a prize in one app’s challenge or earning points to get paid in another app, the work’s pretty much done for me with these auto-syncs.

Be prepared.
As you’re tracking everything, you need to be prepared for what the workday might bring. Got a lunch or dinner meeting on the calendar? Check out the restaurant’s menu ahead of time and make smart food choices. Happy hour? Go for lower-calorie libations like a vodka soda…or just soda water with lemon or lime to LOOK like you’re imbibing with everyone else. Traveling? Take a couple of protein bars or preportioned bags of nuts. No meetings scheduled? Wear your workout clothes to work and fit in movement any chance you get.

Try walking meetings. When you’re talking on the phone, pace around your house/office. Check emails while you’re on a recumbent bike. Use your phone’s text-to-type function to dictate blog posts or emails while you’re fitting in some squats or other movement. Granted, your workout effort while implementing these multitasking ideas. But doing SOMETHING is better than sitting on your behind and knocking out these same work responsibilities.

So these are the things working for me, at least right now. What are you doing to stay in top form? Any tools or tricks you’d like to share? Use the button below to shoot us a note and let us know!

Image by rob9040 from Pixabay