Fitness Tips for Us Busy Folks | Business Tips | Stephanie Nelson | SBN Marketing

For those of you that know me, this may seem like the last topic I should be writing about. And I will readily admit that I am 100% no expert on this topic. That said, I’ve recently been doing fitness challenges through the Apple Watch with a neighbor, and I’ve found a few things that help me stick with them. So here are a few of the tips I found to work for me.

Find a buddy.
As I said, I’m doing these challenges with a neighbor. With the Apple Watch challenges, she and I get notifications when the other reaches a milestone – completing a workout, closing a ring, etc. On one hand, we’re having fun with Apple’s pre-set responses because there’s A LOT of trash talk they offer. On the other hand, every time one of us gets a notification about the other, it’s a reminder to get our butts in gear!

For a while, I was the worst about overestimating the calories I burnt during a workout then consuming those calories during my next meal. Using the Apple Watch to calculate my calories burnt and using My Fitness Pal to track my calories eaten has given me a new perspective. And it’s working for me! Those may not be the right apps for you, but there are TONS of options, and I’m sure you can find the right combo for you.

Be prepared.
As you’re tracking everything, you need to be prepared for what the workday might bring. Got a lunch or dinner meeting on the calendar? Check out the restaurant’s menu ahead of time and make smart food choices. Happy hour? Go for lower-calorie libations like a vodka soda…or just soda water with lemon or lime to LOOK like you’re imbibing with everyone else. Traveling? Take a couple protein bars or preportioned bags of nuts. No meetings scheduled? Wear your workout clothes to work and fit in movement any chance you get.

Set reminders.
Whether in-app, on my watch, or on my calendar, I have reminders set to stand for at least one minute each hour, for short stretch/workout breaks during the day, fitness/wellness webinars, and more. Without them, I’d probably just sit here and power through. But I’m actually probably getting more done by taking these 1-10 minute breaks periodically.

Try walking meetings. When you’re talking on the phone, pace around your house/office. Check emails while you’re on a recumbent bike. Use your phone’s text-to-type function to dictate blog posts or emails while you’re fitting in some squats or other movement. Granted, your workout effort while implementing these multitasking ideas. But doing SOMETHING is better than sitting on your behind and knocking out these same work responsibilities.

Those are some of the changes I’ve made that seem to be working for me lately, in addition to the info I shared in an earlier post. One thing I want everyone to notice is that nowhere did I mention joining a gym. If that’s what works for you and that’s what you need, great! Go for it! But all I’ve done, I’ve done at home with apps, videos, or just getting outside. That being that…What have you found that works for you?