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Maybe it’s the effects of the pandemic wearing on. Maybe I’m just getting old and ornery. But something I’ve noticed a lot more of lately is people not following instructions. While I’ve noticed it in all facets of my life, it’s particularly stood out in business.

A few examples of what I’ve experienced and/or heard about from cohorts include:

  • If a vendor asks for something in a specific format, that’s what they need. Not providing it in that format – or worse, not providing it at all – just makes their job harder.
  • If a vendor asks for something at a given time or on a given date, that’s when they need it. You not honoring that only makes their job harder.
  • If a vendor asks you a question, they probably need that information to move forward on something they’ve been tasked to do for you. Providing half an answer or no answer only makes their job harder.
  • If you ask a vendor to do something but don’t allow time to get it done before asking why it’s not done does not help. It only halts whatever progress was being made…and makes their job harder.

If you don’t want to become known as “that client” for any of your vendors, I encourage you to take a minute to process what’s needed. I know we’ve evolved into a society and economy where immediate gratification and response is usually valued. But you may find that allowing a little extra time and doing what’s actually being asked of you makes things run smoother and keeps relationships copacetic.

Image by Sarah Lötscher from Pixabay