As we all know by now, the social media and SEO worlds revolve around algorithm changes. This time, it’s Google’s turn to turn our worlds upside down.
In what’s being dubbed “the brackets update,” Google seems to be launching a new focus on quality. Apparently, the update was designed to help sites doing things right as opposed to a penalty where sites “breaking the rules” are punished. This update appears to be a significant change that was originally launched in early to mid-March. Quality issues reported by SEO experts include:
  • Pages filled with ads, sponsored links, and supplemental content not well-related to other main site content.
  • Pages/sites showing one set of content to viewers and another to Google. (This has long been part of the algorithm, but they seem to have gotten stricter on how different the content can be.)
  • Gain or loss of rich snippets.

As usual, Google did not release details on what about the algorithm was updated, but we did get confirmation that an update was made.

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