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Google is rolling out another core update to its algorithm.

This update is the latest of five updates in the last month, and it is technically a continuation of the June core algorithm update; when that update started, some elements weren’t ready for rollout, necessitating this core update so soon after the last. What makes core updates different from the thousands of other updates is they involve broad improvements to Google Search.

Google’s Danny Sullivan says of core updates: “Core updates are designed to increase the overall relevancy of our search results. In terms of traffic we send, it’s largely a net exchange. Some content might do less well, but other content gains. In the long term, improving our systems in this way is how we’ve continued to improve Search and send more traffic to sites across the web every year.”

The updates in June included not just the core update to improve things overall, but also efforts to target content that makes unverified or slanderous claims about other people, target spam (including phishing and malware installation), and the Page Experience update. The Page Experience update involves a score based on Core Web Vitals, mobile usability, HTTPS utilization, ads experience, and site security. This score can be found in Google’s Search Console Page Experience report.

To find out more about core updates in general, check out Google’s Search Central blog post on the topic. If you think your site has been negatively affected by any of the recent updates, use the button below to give us a shout, and let’s see if we’re a good fit to provide you with an SEO audit or optimization services!

Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay