SBN Marketing social media marketing and SEO anniversarypost by Stephanie Nelson

Five years ago today, at 9am, the shingle was officially hung out for SBN Marketing.

The last five years have been…interesting. I never set out to or strived to own my own business. It kind of fell in my lap because a few guys were changing their own business model, had faith in me and my skills, and handed over a set of social media clients to me. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

It also took a myriad of cheerleaders behind me to make this happen. There were a few folks in the Charlotte social media world that had been urging me to go out on my own for a couple years at that time. There were the entrepreneurs that took time and helped me put in place some guiding principles in place (like always get up, take a shower, and put some kind of clothes on because just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you don’t have a job). There were my friends and family that, though they had no clue what kind of services I was offering, were still trying to drum up business for me. (BTW…All of the people I have in mind here are still part of my life and still cheering me on.)

And then there’s the SBN clients. Some that came along with me in the beginning are still hanging in there with me. Like with any company, there’s been some churn. But I know I’m not the best fit for everyone. And that’s left me with the best clients on the planet to work with!!!!

So thank you to everyone who’s been along on this journey with me. And thank you to those that will come in and out my this journey from this point. I look forward to keeping this thing going and seeing what 2017 can bring us all!

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