How Long Does It Take for a Bad Review to Go Away?post by Stephanie Nelson

On an almost daily basis , I’m asked, “How long will it take for this bad review to go away?”

My response? “That depends on you.”

Bad reviews never really go away. As Peter Shankman, a social media entrepreneur, said once at a conference I attended, “Google never forgets.” Once something is indexed on the internet, it is there for eternity. Your only hope is to bury what you don’t want seen.

So why am I telling clients that the bad reviews going away depends on them?  Because they can control how fast good reviews come in to bury the bad ones.  They can ask happy clients to add good reviews. They can respond to the bad reviews to show they’re listening and that they care.

Don’t get me wrong. Burying bad reviews is no small feat. But the more you work at it, the easier it is – just like with anything else in life.

So you tell us… How are you managing bad reviews? Do you have any tips for getting new good reviews?