how often should you blog seo and social media maven stephanie nelson sbn marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

It’s widely known that blogging is a great SEO strategy. And blog posts make for awesome social media fodder. But how often should you blog to make it work for you?

First, you do need a schedule. And you need a schedule that works for you. If you know that your time’s already stretched thin, don’t set a schedule where you’re responsible for posting a blog every day. If every day is your goal, get help, either from a copywriter or someone who blogs for others as a job or from other employees of the company. If you’re a bit more of a control freak (I say as I look at myself in the mirror), and you know you want to be the one to write the blog posts, set a blogging schedule that works with everything else already on your plate.

If you’re going to blog, I suggest posting once per month at a bare minimum. Less than that and you’re not going to get the same SEO benefit, and it has more of a chance of falling off your to do list altogether.

Some folks find success blogging every day. This strategy is a bit of an overkill, in my opinion, particularly for small businesses. Now granted, this is a VAST generalization, and there are some small businesses and some industries that greatly benefit from posting every day to their blogs.

Where I’ve seen the best results for my blogging clients is posting once per week. At that rate, it’s regular enough to get a good SEO boost, it’s solid enough to build a decent readership, and there’s enough content for a steady feed to social media outlets while still leaving room for sharing others’ content and using other engagement techniques.

So you tell us…What blogging frequencies have you tried? How did you find your sweet spot for how often you should blog?

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