How to know when to say goodbye to a client by Stephanie Nelson of SBN Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

As a business owner, it can sometimes be hard to let a client go. What will they say about you? Will they ruin your rep? And what about the money your business will no longer be bringing in? But there are times when you’re better off without the client and their money than you are keeping them on board. Here are a few of those times, from my experience:

  • If the client threatens you.
    Yes, this happened to me. After weeks of being accused of posting to a Facebook page not owned by the client, and weeks of me explaining and showing that it wasn’t me and that this was out of my control, my client called and threatened to “find me and beat my @$$.” My response? “Come on! Just be sure you’re wearing your big girl panties and you’re ready for a fight when you get here.” After a pregnant pause on his part, I reminded him that he had all of his log in information and suggested that that call be the last time we spoke.
  • If the client is a time suck.
    If you’re getting paid hourly, this might work to your advantage. The more time the client needs, the more dough you’re raking in. But if you’re on a retainer, there comes a tipping point where you’re not making money. You’re not even really breaking even. So track the time you spend on your accounts and make sure that your clients aren’t taking advantage of your time.
  • If the client makes you a stress ball.
    All of us have those clients that can push our buttons without even trying. If that button pushing keeps you on edge 24/7 and you start losing sleep or having your health otherwise affected, it’s not a good situation for you.
  • If the client is a micromanager.
    If you spend your time explaining the hows and whys of what you want to do for the client rather than actually putting your expertise to use, walk away. You were hired for a reason. If the client can’t respect you, your time, and your expertise, they don’t need you to be the one helping them get ahead. Let them find someone that’s a better fit.

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