How to Lose My Business Before We've Even Talked | Stephanie Nelson | SEO & Social Media Maven | SBN Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

Like most business owners (I’m assuming), I get multiple sales emails a day. Lately, I’ve noticed what I find to be a disturbing trend. They all end with something along the lines of “what time on [given day] will you have time for a [X number] minute call?” or “I’ll give you a call at [X time] on [Y day] to discuss further.”

I won’t even get into how 90% of these emails are trying to sell me something I have no need for. I’m pretty transparent about how I run my business and the market I’m trying to help (small businesses) in my blog and social media posts. And I’m not even saying I don’t understand the tactic. Give someone a date and time, and if they’re free, they’ll probably agree to hear you out.

However, I find the tactic rude, pushy, and presumptuous. You are presuming you know my business well enough to “fix” a problem I may or may not have. You are presuming I have the bandwidth to set things aside to hear about your product. If your product is so great, tell me about it in the email, rather than giving me some overview that answers nothing. If it’s a good fit for me, I’ll hit you up. But if you try to just insert yourself into my calendar, I will search out your competitors before I respond to you.

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