LinkedIn has been around for years.  But it still seems to be a social media outlet that is misunderstood and misused. Here are a few tips on how to put LinkedIn to use for you and your company.

First, remember that LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL outlet. Be mindful of what you share here. If it’s not something you’d talk about in the office or with colleagues, don’t post it on LinkedIn.

Secondly, LinkedIn can be viewed as a search engine in and of itself. When people are looking for business-related services and/or new employees, many times this is where they’ll search. Make sure your personal bio and posts, as well as your company page information and posts, contain the keywords you’d like to be found for.

Similarly, this as a great way to get another property indexed on Google, Bing, and the other major search engines. Our experience has shown company pages get indexed for keywords in a relatively short amount of time – if there is a short amount of time in SEO terms.  These updates give you the opportunity to easily put out there exactly what the search engines look for: frequently updated, keyword-rich content.

As a company employee, you can benefit from LinkedIn while also helping your employer.  By updating your status with posts that contain your employer’s name and keywords, you’re also potentially helping to boost the company in searches on LinkedIn AND in the search engines. Needless to say, you could quickly become the company hero by doing this.  But at the same time, you’ll be posting about the hands-on industry experience you’re getting.  So if it comes time for you to change jobs, you will have built the LinkedIn piece of your personal brand in the process.

An entire strategy can be built around using LinkedIn to build your business and your brand. Need help? Use the button below to get in touch with us!

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