Failure to Success | Stephanie Nelson | SBN Marketing | SEO & Social Media Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

If you’re a fan of the SBN Marketing Facebook page or if you subscribe to the SBN Marketing email blast, you know that each Monday we post a Monday Mantra. We try to find inspirational quotes or sayings that will keep you going when things get tough.

While looking for good ones to use, I found one from Thomas Edison that said, “I failed my way to success.”

A lot of folks don’t know, but that’s kind of what happened with SBN Marketing. The men I worked for in my last position working for someone else decided to change their business model, a move which would eliminate my position. Instead of leaving it at that, they gave me a choice: I could accept the position being eliminated and go on unemployment OR I could start my own business by spinning off the services they were eliminating with their current client list. Obviously, I chose the latter.

As it happened, based on their contacts, many of my clients were from one industry. A major change in that industry left me losing 6 of my 12 clients within a matter of weeks, and within my first year of business. Failure seemed inevitable.

After a bout of panic and tears, I gathered myself and started to figure out what to do. I did apply for some jobs, going back to work for someone else. It wasn’t what I truly wanted, but keeping a roof over my head and food in my pups’ mouths seemed relatively important. But I also reached out to my contacts in the social media and SEO worlds. I offered to pitch in if they found themselves stretched thin, even if it was short-term, and I asked them to think of me if they were approached by folks that they weren’t a good fit for or couldn’t take on for whatever reason. I attended any and every SEO or social media event around me, and I participated by asking and answering questions so other attendees would see me and my knowledge. I failed my way to success by demonstrating my knowledge and my passion to those in positions to help.

Even now, years later, those relationships I formed during that rough patch help keep me going today. A vast majority of my clients come from referrals. And I’m thankful every day that I’m now in the position to refer business back to them and that they helped me fail my way to success.

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