2019 Resolutions | Stephanie Nelson | SEO and Social Media Maven | SBN Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

Over the last few of years, I’ve made a point of making resolutions for my business, as well as personal ones. (You can still check out 2018’s resolutions2017’s resolutions and 2016’s resolutions for SBN Marketing, if you’d like.)

For 2019, I resolve to…

Read more.
Building on last year’s resolution to learn, learn, learn, this year I want to read more. My goal is one to three books per quarter, in addition to the blogs and sites I read to stay on top of SEO and social media best practices.

Figure out my retirement plan.
Out in the corporate world, retirement plans were easy. Sign up and let it roll. When you’re out on your own, it doesn’t just “happen” that way. I still have my 401Ks, and they’re rolling right along. But it’s time that I put some actual work into making sure it’s working for me and setting me up for a time I can step away from the computer for good.

Keep on keeping on.
As I mentioned last month at SBN Marketing’s 7th anniversary, I’ve been blessed with a tribe that routinely refers my business and a roster of clients that I couldn’t love working with more. At least for the first quarter, I’m hoping to maintain the status quo and keep things going as they have been…because they’ve been pretty great.

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