inspiration for the uninspired | SEO and social media maven Stephanie Nelson | SBN Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

Some days, inspiration just doesn’t come. That happens to the best of us, whether we’re working for ourselves, working for someone else, not working, or whatever else we’ve got going on. As a solopreneur, these are the days that suck the life out of me, and some of the few days I REALLY miss having coworkers and folks sitting around me all day long. So how do I combat them now?

  • Scour the internet.
    I do a search for whatever I’m stumped on. What’s Google got to say about social media blog post ideas? Any good pins on SEO for small businesses? What are my competitors and cohorts posting about? While I do not and would not copy what’s out there, looking at what’s out there (a) gets my wheels turning and (b) keeps me from reinventing the wheel.
  • Call my business buddies.
    I have a couple tight-knit friends that are also female solopreneurs. Some days I reach out to them to commiserate. Other days, I call to say “WTF do I say in this blog post/Facebook post/tweet?!?!?”
  • Ask.
    I have a great relationship with my clients. When we chat about questions they have or problems they’ve run across, I sometimes reach out and ask if I can recount that in a post. Or I’ll post in some Facebook groups I’m in, asking what social media or SEO struggles members are facing to get a jump on how my posts can help others.

So how do you find inspiration when you’re not feeling it?

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