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As we mentioned last week, each year, the folks at Facebook host the F8 conference to offer news on updates and initiatives within the company. Here are a few highlights about Instagram that came out of the F8 2019 conference.

The most reported change has been the tests of hiding like counts on posts. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said the test was an effort to move away from “vanity metrics” where users and marketers put focus. Instagram’s algorithm will still be used in showing content, meaning post likes will still serve a ranking purpose, but making this metric less visible to users could have an impact on how they interact with posts, and as a result, engagement rates. According to reports, the poster of the content will still have access to see the likes on a post, but only time will tell the full impact of this change.

The Instagram team is also studying the popularity of the Stories function. They’re trying to learn from its success to set the course for potential future changes.

Another new feature – and an important one – is the Shop From Creators function. This allows users to shop directly from posts without ever leaving the Instagram app. This should be huge for retailers, but also for influencers who will be able to set up another revenue stream selling from their posts. Marketers should take note of this one and consider how the influencer economy can help grow their businesses even further.

Instagram is also adding a Create Mode to its camera, which will give users the option to “create” an image using text and stickers without needing an actual image.

Additionally, a fundraising function is being rolled out in the US, with other countries to follow. You can use your posts to engage your followers around a cause that means a lot to you, and 100% of the money raised on Instagram going to the nonprofit you’re supporting.

There’s a lot of change going on with Instagram, and it can affect how you use the outlet! Need help navigating these Instagram changes? Use the button below to get in touch with us!

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