Is Instagram Marketing Right for Your Business? SEO & Social Media Maven Stephanie Nelson | SBN Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

Instagram can be a great tool for the right type of business and if it’s used properly (which is pretty much true of any social media outlet…or any tool, really). Here’s how to determine if you need to be on Instagram, in my opinion:

  • Your business is a visual one.
    Artists, nail salons, restaurants, realtors – any business that has a physical product to show off – could be a good fit.
  • You have the time and attention span to dedicate to it.
    Photos don’t take themselves; either you need to be able to take good, quality photos or you need to have the resources to hire someone to take them. Posts also don’t create themselves; you need to have the time to post the pics, do hashtag research to increase your reach, write engaging captions, etc or hire someone to do this for you.
  • Your budget is limited.
    Facebook has moved to more of a “pay to play” model, and your posts’ reach will probably average around 4-6% of your number of fans unless you pay to boost them. Instagram will serve your posts to 100% of your followers.
  • You like to engage online with your customers.
    Like Twitter but unlike Facebook, Instagram allows you to tag individuals in your photos and @ mention them in your posts. If your business is such that you can get your clients’ IG handles, this is a great way to give them a “touchy-feely” experience with your brand that doesn’t have to cost you anything more than the time to do the post!

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