curiosity in social media and seopost by Stephanie Nelson

In the marketing industry, curiosity is highly under-rated, in my opinion.  And I see it even more so in the internet and social media marketing worlds.

From my experience – which has ranged from print ads, direct mail and events to anything on the internet – a lot of this lack of curiosity may not really be a lack of curiosity at all.  It may be more of a fear of losing clients and/or ticking off the boss.  I mean, who wants to tell the people paying him or her that something that’s been tried has failed or that he or she has lost the company money? I know that’s certainly not a conversation I enjoy having.

But what would happen if you acted on your curiosity?  What would happen if you got away from the tried-and-true and attempted something new?  True, you may fail…but at least you’ll learn from that and do better next time.  

What would happen if you got away from what everyone else is doing?  You just may stumble on to the next viral sensation. You could find the perfect keyword combination for your SEO to get you found by a whole new set of clients. You may hit the jackpot on content your audience wants to engage with – and we all know that’s the holy grail of internet marketing. Or it may happen that you set yourself up to be an expert in a brand-new area! 

So go ahead – follow your curiosity! Try new things, whether it’s a new-to-you outlet (Snapchat, I’m looking at you), a new tactic (like boosted Facebook posts or video on Instagram, if you’ve never tried them), a new networking group or a major change in career.

Like the Erin Hanson poem says: “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”