Monday Mantras by SEO & Social Media Maven Stephanie Nelson of SBN Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

Over on our Facebook page, I’ve started sharing quotes on Monday mornings. They’re meant to be a bit encouraging, a bit motivating to those in the business world, especially small business owners. If we’re gonna be honest, I post them just as much for me as for anyone else. (Full disclosure before you go checking out the posts: I didn’t post one this past Monday. With the news of the Las Vegas shooting unfolding, there didn’t seem to be a quote that was fitting for the time. It felt like anything I posted would be insensitive and callous…or at least come across that way.)

In building the graphics, I have to search for the quotes, obviously. I try to find quotes that fit a few criteria – can be related to business, uplifting/motivating/inspiring, something folks can repeat to themselves throughout the day or week (you know, like a mantra). I’m enjoying finding the quotes, and I get a little boost each week when I see the post in my news feed.

So how do you get yourself motivated or inspired to take on the week? Any favorite sources of motivational quotes?

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