As we welcome 2024, it’s that time again when I choose my word of the year. I’ve done this the last few years and even put up a post with my tips for picking your own word of the year a few years ago.

This year, I thought I was going to go with “stretch” as my WOTY. It seemed to fit my business goal of expanding my client roster AND my personal goal of fitting in more yoga. But as I sat with it, it didn’t sit with me. So I Googled “word of the year” and came across the Silk and Sonder 2024 Word of the Year Quiz and took it on a whim. The results came back with:


The explanation went on to say: If 2023 taught you anything, it’s that bumps in the road are merely a stepping stone to success. 2024 is your year to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put into 2023. Consider this your sign – your success is inevitable.

Now THIS is a word and explanation I can get behind! 2023 was filled with challenges and leaps of faith I never foresaw myself taking. But I did it. And I lived. And found success in making the leap. So let’s keep charging forward into 2024 and see what more can be achieved!

What’s your word for 2024? And what are you hoping to achieve in the next year?