One Tip from Our 10-Year Challenge | SEO and Social Media Maven Stephanie Nelson | SBN Marketing

The 10-year challenge has been big on social media, particularly Facebook, lately. So we thought we’d take a minute to take the 10-year challenge for SBN Marketing.

First things first, SBN Marketing was about two years from even being a twinkle in anyone’s eye 10 years ago. I was working for an internet marketing company at the time, but desperately looking for a way out.

Even though SBN Marketing wasn’t close to being an actual entity, the foundation was being formed. In my day-to-day job, I was learning skills that I still use today. As miserable as I was in that job, I was seeding away ideas of how things would be different if it were my company. I was building the network of people I ultimately needed when I did take the leap out on my own. (To this day, I’m still thanking people for the things they did for me – knowingly or unknowingly – during my leap.)

So the one tip I have for you today, especially if you’re still working for someone else, is: Look around you and take inventory of EVERYTHING. You never know when you’re going to be faced with the opportunity to start your own business. Goodness knows I’d never put any REAL thought into it when that decision came my way. But the fact that I’d sort of unconsciously put the pieces into place for myself made the leap easier. And I know in my heart that those same pieces have helped keep me in business until now. If you’re already out on your own, take this 10-year challenge for yourself. What are you doing that you love? What would you change? What did you learn in past jobs that would make your business better? What would it take to implement the answers to those last questions, and how would that help your business?

Being in business is tough. But we’ve got this! Now go have a great day!