Facebook & Instagram Stories Can Now Be Scheduled | Social Media Tips | SEO & Social Media Solutions for Small Businesses | SBN Marketing

In a long-requested update, Stories can now be scheduled for both Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s how to use the Business Suite mobile app to use the scheduling functionality for Stories:

  • Go to your page in the Business Suite mobile app.
  • Navigate to the Posts & Stories tab (the two overlapping squares in the bottom navigation on the iPhone app).
  • Tap Stories, then tap the Create button.
  • Choose your media (photo or video).
  • Tap the Share On button. Check Facebook, Instagram, or both.
  • Tap the right-facing caret by Scheduling Options.
  • Select Schedule for Later, then choose your date and time.
  • Tap the left-facing caret at the top of the screen to go back. You’ll see your scheduled date and time under Scheduling Options.
  • Tap Schedule.
  • You’re Done!

The functionality exists from the desktop version of Business Suite, too. Note, though, that I found it when I used Chrome and Safari, but not when using Opera. Here’s how to navigate the desktop version:

  • Go to your page in Facebook.
  • Click the Go to Business Suite button.
  • Click Create Story.
  • Check whether you want the Story to appear on Facebook, Instagram, or both.
  • Click Upload Media and choose your photo or video. Add any text, stickers, etc that you want to appear on the Story; format, size, and place them where you’d like them.
  • Click the down arrow beside the Publish Story button and click Schedule Story. Choose the date and time you want the Story to publish and click Save. Then click the Schedule Story button.
  • You’re Done!

So now that you don’t have to be tethered to your phone at a specific date and time in order to use Stories, how will you use the outlet?!?!?!? Use the button below to give us a shout to let us know!