new year's resolutionspost by Stephanie Nelson

At this point, we are winding down 2015 and staring down 2016. And pretty much everyone on the planet is making a list of New Year’s resolutions – lose weight, workout more, eat clean, be more socially active. So we’re putting together a list of New Year’s resolutions for SBN Marketing!

We’re following the rules for resolutions: Make them realistic. Make them specific. Break down bigger goals into smaller, attainable ones. So without further adieu…

  1. Blog once per week.
    This one we started a few weeks ago, but we’re aiming to keep it up throughout 2016.
  2. Build our e-mail marketing business.
    I’d like to bring on at least two more clients that use our e-mail marketing service. I let this service wane in the last couple years, but it’s really effective, and we can help small businesses grow in number of clients and/or client loyalty with this service.
  3. Get back into networking.
    So this is one of the bigger goals that needs to be broken down for sure. I’d like to be at one networking event per month and one to three social media/marketing conferences during the year. (On that note: Anyone have suggestions of events or conferences I shouldn’t miss?)
  4. Pay more attention to our own social media.
    As I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions, we tend to fall into “the cobbler’s kids has no shoes” category a lot around here. Working in social media and attending to our clients’ blogs and social outlets means we forget about our own. I’d like to see four to seven Facebook posts per week, a LinkedIn post at least once per weekday, and at least one tweet per day (hopefully more).
  5. Take more social media breaks.
    Social media is a 24/7/365 business. Facebook doesn’t shut down to comments during a client’s closed hours. Yelp reviews that need responses come in just as often at midnight as 10am. E-mails from clients’ angry or confused customers come through whether it’s Christmas or Memorial Day or July 4th or any other holiday that everyone else has off from work. Responding quickly and appropriately is part of what we’re paid to do. However, trying to be “on” all day every day is exhausting and 100% not sustainable. This is something I’ve been realizing more and more over the last four years of business ownership, but it’s starting to slap me in the face rather than being a minor annoyance from the voice in my head. I plan to better use notifications (so that I’m not constantly checking things for no reason) and automated responses (so people get a message that we’ll get back to them as soon as possible) to take a bit of the pressure off and let us put the iPhone and iPad down and walk away from the MacBook.

So there you have it, what we’re resolving to do in 2016. What are your resolutions?