I’ve struggled for days with what to say in light of the state of our union, particularly the police brutality and the death of yet another black man, George Floyd. Nothing I thought of felt “right”; all of my words felt hollow. But then I saw “silence is betrayal” in a post, and I knew saying nothing was no longer an option.

I will never know the struggles POC face every day. But I can empathize. I can STFU, listen, & learn. Or better yet, I can use the power of Google to educate myself rather than depending on the emotional labor of others to educate me. I can use my voice & privilege to shut down racism when I see & hear it. I can share resources such as this widely-shared Google Doc. I can donate to funds and foundations making a much bigger impact than I ever could.

As the owner of SBN Marketing, I am committed to doing all of these things and more. I am committed to looking for partners and clients that hold these same values. I am committed to supporting my black friends and colleagues. I am committed to uplifting the voices of people of color.

If there are other ways that I can help and you WANT to share, please feel free to use the button below to shoot me a note. (Again, I’m not looking to put responsibility for my education on anyone else. But I also know there are folks who want to actively help get information out.)

I’ll finish by sharing one of my favorite quotes from James Baldwin.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can change until it is faced.”

Image: SBN Marketing