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As entrepreneurs, self-care doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us anyway. But now we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic that’s sending most of us into self-isolation and which is causing economic strife all over the place. In turn, this is causing a level of stress most entrepreneurs, particularly those with small, local businesses, never fathomed. So we thought we’d share a few of the self-isolation self-care tips we’ve found working for us.

  • Listen to what your body and brain are saying they need.
    Some days, your body will want a sense of normalcy, so you’ll put on a pair of jeans and a sweater. Some days, you’ll just want comfort, so you’ll put on your most stretched out pair of leggings and the biggest T-shirt you own. Some days, your brain will need to turn off, so you’ll watch all the reruns of your favorite show – the ones you know by heart, so you don’t need to pay attention. Some days, your brain will ask for stimulation, so you’ll remind yourself how to do that long-forgotten hobby and pick up where you left off. (For me, it was knitting.) All of this is ok. Listen to what you need and go with it.
  • Pay attention to what makes you feel good.
    Does taking a walk in the sunshine make the day feel a little better? How about a nice yin yoga class you found on YouTube for free? Sitting on your porch or balcony with a glass of wine at the end of the day? Coloring in bed before you go to sleep? When you notice those things, make note and do what you can to do more of them or do them more often. (Minor note: If it’s something that’s bad for your health, maybe temper it a bit. But we’re in the middle of a crisis, so a lot of rules are out the window. We’ll worry about it later.)
  • Know yourself and act appropriately.
    I enjoy sitting still. I enjoy watching tv, mindlessly scrolling through social media…and the entire interwebz. My spouse, however, is the exact opposite. Sitting still is not a thing to do…ever. So while I’m catching up on DVR’d shows and checking out everyone’s lunches and dinners on Instagram, we’ve got grilling and smoking, planting, mulching, etc going on elsewhere around our abode. Don’t be miserable trying to be someone you’re not just because you’re on lockdown.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
    OK. Stick with me here. I know this sounds all woo woo. For a long time, I thought that, too. But I signed up to do Rachel Hollis’ Next 90 Days Challenge, and one of the things on the checklist is gratitude. Not one to skip anything in a challenge, I busted out a gratitude printable from Little LDS Ideas that I found awhile back. It has five lines for you to write five things you’re grateful for on each date. It’s not dated, so if you skip a day here and there, it’s ok. But doing this during this time, has made me see that, even though there are things that are ticking me off and/or stressing me out, I still have things to be thankful for and to look forward to. (PS – If you want to join the challenge, we’re only three weeks in, and all of the lessons are there, so you can still catch up.)

These are trying times. All of us are feeling it in some way or another. We hope you’re able to stay healthy and safe, and we hope these help at least a little. Got a tip you think we should give a go? Use the button below to give us a shout!

Image by Tiny Tribes from Pixabay