SEO ranking factorspost by Stephanie Nelson

As I was clicking around the interwebz, looking for inspiration for this week’s blog post, I found an infographic from Website Magazine on SEO ranking factors. Once I realized that the numbering system on the graphic wasn’t ranking these factors in order of importance, it hit me that this would be a great resource to share.

Of course, this infographic shouldn’t replace your SEO provider unless you are 100% certain of your know-how. Not properly following best practices for each of the search engines – and there are more search engines than just Google that need to be considered – can hurt your site more than help it. But it may help in deciding if you need outside SEO help and/or “talk the same language” as your SEO provider.

All of the elements in this infographic play together within the search engines, and optimizing your site properly gives you a better chance of ranking organically. Need some SEO help for your site? Give us a shout!

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