For many business owners, the big question when it comes to any project is: “What, in the grand scheme of things, needs to be done?” SEO and social media are no different. To help ease the decision-making process, SBN Marketing offers SEO and social media audits to help business owners know what work needs to be done and where to start.

Audit Details:

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Basic On-Page SEO Audit.
In this type of audit, SBN Marketing goes through each page of the site and reports on what follows best practice and what doesn’t for each page’s title tag, meta description, on-page copy, and image alt data.

Technical SEO Audit.
This one is a bit more in-depth. It includes reporting on all of the on-page items, but is expanded to also include reporting on the quality of backlinks and referral links, whether a proper sitemap exists and is indexed, mobile viability, broken links, technology and devices used to access the site, the site’s structure from an SEO viewpoint, indexability of the site, and more.

Social Media Audit.
SBN Marketing will go through each social media outlet currently being used by the client and report on what follows best practices and what doesn’t. If requested, reporting can also include suggestions for new outlets to be considered and best practices for using them.

Pricing varies for each of these services. For SEO audits, price is determined by the size of the site. Pricing for social media audits is determined by the number of outlets to be audited, as well as whether suggestions for new outlets are requested. To request pricing or to set up your audit, you can fill out our form or use the button below to contact SBN Marketing today.

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