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When talking to potential clients, I hear a lot of folks saying that they’ve never been able to track a lead or a sale back to their social media efforts. When I take a look at their social media outlets, it’s clear why they’ve gotten no sales or leads: they didn’t set up their social media for lead generation.

So how do you set up your social media to give yourself a better shot at leads or sales?

  • Choose your Facebook page’s button carefully, and make sure the button does what it says it does. If your button says “Contact Us’ but doesn’t take the visitor to a way to contact you, you’re going to lose them. Potential sale or lead down the drain.
  • Optimize your bios and about sections appropriately. These elements are indexable by the search engines, so make sure they’re keyword rich. But also make sure they’re written for your audience –  you don’t want a serious tone if your product or service is fun in nature.
  • Speak your audience’s language in your posts, too. Any sort of disconnect increases the chance that those viewing your content will not contact you.

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