number of followers and fans on social media by SEO and social media maven stephanie nelson of sbn marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

Pretty much any time I’m talking to a potential new client, the conversation inevitably turns to the number of followers or fans on a particular outlet and how can I make that number grow. My answer? That’s not the metric you should be focused on.

Why do I say that? On every outlet, you’re MUCH better off having a lower number of engaged fans than a higher number of fans that couldn’t care less if they ever saw another post from you. Engaged fans comment on your posts and share them, expanding your reach. Facebook’s algorithm even factors in post engagement when it decides whether or not to show your posts TO YOUR FOLLOWERS! If people aren’t acting on your posts on Facebook, your fans aren’t seeing your posts, no matter whether you have one fan or 50,000.

What metrics should you focus on? First and foremost, you should be looking at your engagement rates. Are there certain types of posts that tend to get you more likes, shares, and comments? When you use particular hashtags, does your reach or engagement rate rise? Do more of that!

You should also be looking at when your audience is online. If you’re posting at noon, but your audience isn’t online until 8pm, there’s little chance your post will be seen. Between the lifespan of posts on Twitter and Instagram (meaning the length of time it’s viable they’ll be seen, not how long they’ll be around) and Facebook’s algorithm and Top Stories sorting, you’ve got to be there when your audience is there. Knowing when to post increases your potential for getting engagement. And don’t make me talk more about how important that is!

Knowing what’s working for you is important. If you’re interested in SBN Marketing helping out with your social media, give me a shout!

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