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There are over 20 holidays celebrated worldwide between Thanksgiving and the New Year. As we’re already into the 4th quarter, the holiday season is upon us. Here are a few tips on marketing for this holiday season.

  • The media is laying the groundwork for folks to look at their holiday budgets now. Between high interest rates, layoffs, and wars around the world, people are being encouraged to think through their spending as a whole and potentially spend a little here and there starting now. Your holiday marketing needs to follow suit. If you’re not marketing now, you may miss the boat with some of your potential customers. Plot your promotions accordingly and get your offers in front of people in time for them to realistically take advantage of them, and to get your product to them in time for their gift exchange.
  • Gift certificates may end up being a solution for everyone – vendors AND gift givers. If you offer gift certificates, remind your fans and followers. Target Facebook ads to show to friends of your page’s fans. If you offer gift certificates digitally, highlight that so folks will know shipping’s not an issue, nor do they need to visit a retail location to get one.
  • Social media outlets are great for last-minute marketing efforts. Ads can be set up and pushed out to the public pretty quickly, and they can be highly targeted to work with a tight budget.
  • Take advantage of video and its increasing popularity to showcase your holiday sales items. If you don’t have the budget to create a holiday-specific video, showcase items you’ll have on hand all throughout the winter season or even year-round. Look for DIY video editing options that allow you to put together a video with photos and text. Go live on your social outlets. Use Instagram Stories and Highlights to push out ideas to your audience there.
  • And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’ll give you our ever-favorite piece of advice: Go where your audience is and promote the heck out of things there. Look at the data provided to you via your Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, X/Twitter Analytics, etc. What does it tell you about who your market is? What content do they engage with, and can you build a promotion around that product or service? Are there other outlets that target this same audience that you can still get into with a holiday ad?

How are your holiday marketing plans changing to deal with issues at hand? Are you having to switch things up in order to work around staffing issues or something else? Give us a shout and let us know!

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