social media marketing vs digital marketing | SEO & Social Media Maven Stephanie Nelson | SBN Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

Recently, I was asked to define the difference between social media marketing and digital marketing. Here was my answer:

Social media marketing incorporates solely social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc. Some practitioners may expand the definition to include social profile outlets like Yelp, Google My Business – any outlet that allows you to be interactive with users.

Digital marketing is much broader. While it includes social media marketing, it also includes elements like SEO, website design and user experience, pay-per-click ads, retargeting, app development/advertising, SMS/text advertising, email marketing – anything in the digital world.

So where does SBN Marketing fall in all this? We offer social media marketing consulting and full management, email marketing, and SEO tactics that include on-page SEO, blogging, and social profile management. We can work with your website designer to make sure SEO elements and plug-ins are built in from the start. We can work with your PPC provider to make sure your SEO efforts line up with your paid search efforts.

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