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Each year, around this time, tons of young ladies and men walk across a stage and earn their college diplomas…and the job search starts. Many forget, though, the role social media plays in whether or not they get the job. (That goes for all job searchers, not just recent grads!)

It’s been reported that 70% or more of hiring managers look at applicants’ social media to screen them. Additionally, 54% say that what they found caused them to reject an applicant. But before you decide to just avoid social media altogether, 57% say that lack of a social media presence will cause them to reconsider whether they want to hire an applicant, too.

So what are they looking for? Anything that might reflect poorly on you and the choices you make. Remember: if you’re their employee, you represent their company in one way or another. An abundance of drinking, extreme political views, or risque behavior could affect your hireability when shown in your online posts.

What’s a grad to do? First, put HARD consideration into anything you put online. Then, go through your social media posts with a fine-tooth comb. Delete any posts that could make you be seen in a bad light. Keep in mind, though, that Google never forgets and screenshots last forever. There are ways for these deleted posts to still come to light. Next, do a search for your name on several different search engines to see what comes up. If you don’t like what you see, start posting more positive things, like volunteer work you do or creative activities you take part in, to try and bury the bad stuff. Some suggest that you also set your social media accounts to private, but that could be a red flag, too. It could signal a bit of a “what are they trying to hide?” reaction, so tread carefully in the decision you make.

We hope these tips help. Best of luck on your job search!


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